No Credit, Bad Credit Auto Finance at Low Rates
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By: Fedrik Taylor

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Bad Credit or No Credit not a barrier for Auto Financing

Why avail “No credit car loans” or “auto finance bad credit”

If you’ve a low monthly income, and you can’t earn enough cash to go in for a big down payment, chances are you’re just “dreaming” of owning a brand new car. Another issue is your credit ratings. A good credit history attracts good financial deals. However, when you’re credit’s not good enough, or your credit rating’s designated as “Bad”, or you don’t have a credit rating at all, you don’t become eligible for the car loan in the first place.

Thanks to “No credit car loan” or “No credit auto loans”, you can still avail an auto loan. Generally, these particular types of loans are given to individuals who have a poor credit rating, or their score is not “up to the mark”. In these types of loans, the lender is takes a higher risk, so typically the interest rate for these kinds of loans is higher as compared to other “normal” loans. You also need to do a lot of convincing, and prove you have the “potential” to pay the monthly dues to avail a bad credit auto loan. You can increase the chances of obtaining the credit facilities if you are willing to provide the lender with a form of collateral security such as your house. However, this is not necessary, and depends totally upon you whether to offer some “security” or not.

Bad Credit or No Credit Auto Finance at low interest rates

Generally, people believe that it’s difficult to qualify for auto finance with a “Bad Credit”, “No Credit” or “Poor credit” scores. This is not true. Having a “poor credit” or “no credit” isn't as bad as it used to be in the past. Due to the ongoing financial recession, a large number of debtors possess a negative credit rating. These individuals form the majority of the “used car loan seekers”, so the market as on today is geared up to providing them the required finance along with some precautions and specific terms and conditions. Financial institutions offer credit facilities with some added advantages such as low interest rates, so people get some motivation in availing the bad credit auto finance.

Preparing for the “No credit car loans” or “auto finance bad credit” facilities

The following pointers can help you prepare for the groundwork before availing the credit facilities:

Verify your credit status report
First of all, get a recent copy of your credit report from your bank or your credit bureau. Study the report carefully, and “in depth”, to make sure the information stated there is accurate or not. In case of any discrepancies, contact your credit institution and have the problem corrected. Then get a re-evaluation of your credit status. Even though chances of errors are negligible, they do occur at times.

Work out the amount of down payment you can make
To avail the best possible auto finance deal with a bad credit or no credit situation, go in for a decent down payment. To do that you need to sit down with your bad credit auto loan statement and determine how much cash you can afford to pay for a down payment. The more down payment you can make without stretching your budget, the better will be your chances of availing the facility. The lender thinks if you have some money invested in the new car before hand, you would be more motivated to take care of your car and provide timely payments. This can also help you get reduced interest rates on your auto loan.

Correct the cause of your bad credit or no credit situation
The main issue is your credit status. It’s bad – not good enough to get a fresh or normal car loan rates. While getting a bad credit car loan, the lenders look at various factors to determine what was responsible for your falling behind on previous payments, which resulted, into a bad credit label. Try to correct your previous credit history as far as possible to increase your chances for qualifying for the loan.

Try out online calculators
Experiment with different figures. Don’t just think about a couple of down payment and monthly payment schedules. Think about the permutation and combinations in terms of different down payment amounts and convenient monthly payment schedules. This will give you a good idea about what your options are. You can do this by using the online calculators and loan calculation programs and facilities.


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